Antifa And Alert

from by The Smashrooms



“ANTIFA AND ALERT”, Preview from the new album “WILDFIRE”, out July 24th 2013 through Epidemic Records.

European Tour: October 25th – November 2nd – booking: epidemicrecords(at)


it feels like a recurring nightmare
identity turns into law
the masses are numb and blind
those ghosts can make their return

you see, it's so inelegant to say dictatorship
let's call it another chapter in history
and no one will consider it a shame
'cause every man and woman is to blame

the lack of awareness makes
it easy to subjugate
when consciousness becomes dull
the enemy arrives at the gates

the enemy often is known and comes from within
an evil we experienced already, it's the fascist regime

they'll try to make it look more fair
they'll try to hide the consequence
they'll try to infiltrate the state
won't be so hard they're already in

every one rejecting that disease
will hold the tools to smash any illusion and they will know
it can't return

my grandfather says they came knocking at his door
they wanted him to join their foolish plan
and when they will come knocking at my door
I'll give them the same answer: go to hell

the only answer – go to hell
the only answer – go to hell
the only answer – go to hell
you filthy fascists – go to hell


from Wildfire, released July 24, 2013




The Smashrooms Brescia, Italy

Hardcore punk trio from Brescia Italy.

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