Destroy / Rebuild

from by The Smashrooms



destroy, rebuild
don't alienate
to change the landscape means being part of it

a new synergy
of different grains of sand
will make a difference in the sandstorm to come

new infrastructures
to substitute those we once criticized

we must create
those things we want to have
to shape an alternative to the status quo

subverting doesn't mean
annihilating all things with no further steps

what follows is the harder part
of any revolutionary path

it's not an end, it's not a target,
it's not an aim, it's how it starts

a praxis of change
an effective project
the real fulfillment of a new design

changing ourselves
it has to start there
objects and subjects of a bigger plan

power, dismantle hierarchy and then
we can deconstruct
the chain of command,
categories, barriers and borders, cages,
walls and enclosures, and then create

mutual aid and respect
humanity again as a value
let solidarity substitute greed

autonomy and liberty
taking care of each other
this is how it's supposed to be

it's not easy, i know
we've been shaped in the mould
deconstructing ourselves
it's the first thing to do, it's because

you can't subvert the world
if you can't find the courage to subvert yourself

courage is contagious
so keep going and don't be afraid to set the path

and soon you will see
the landscape transform in front of you

if you give up the struggle
what's there to achieve in your life?

an industrial component
you are barely alive

in this market society
we live

just tell me your opinion:
do we live?

I can't see

annexed to a warfare producing machine
take advantage of what you believe
you will remember my words - I hope it won't be too late


from Wildfire, released July 24, 2013




The Smashrooms Brescia, Italy

Hardcore punk trio from Brescia Italy.

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