The Acceptance Of War

from by The Smashrooms



the echo of the boots hitting these streets
the flag of a nation waving - in the wind
the smell of the blood, the cinders of the past
the disgust of - killing

people, that's not a job
your heroes, what are they fighting for?
it's just corporate lies
hidden behind your fucking - pride

trained to kill to export democracy
to attack is to defend and war is peace

can't tell war from peace

modern routine - militarized
presence of the government in daily life

a soldier at every corner
“stand up and salute!” those fallen for

to defend what's falling apart
what is falling apart

they increase their control over us

while war's far away they stage on tv
a mechanical farce they call democracy

the dissent has no voice, the protagonist's fear
through this moral blackmail, the acceptance of war


from Wildfire, released July 24, 2013




The Smashrooms Brescia, Italy

Hardcore punk trio from Brescia Italy.

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